sacramento appliance parts


Is it really worth it to repair my old machine? 

Often, you will be much better off maintaining an older model which was well made originally.  It may just last longer than a brand new model and you won’t be adding to the landfill!

Can you test a part that might be bad for me?

Most parts can be tested and or visually inspected for integrity.  Please call to discuss the problem and we will advise you which parts to bring in with you for visual inspection and testing.

Give us a call at 916-729-3117 and we would be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

Where are you located? Our address is 7360 Auburn Blvd, between Old Auburn Road and Antelope Road, across from the Sylvan Cemetery. We share the parking lot with Duncan’s Automotive.

Do you do service? No, we simply provide the parts along with knowledgeable assistance to those looking to do the repair(s) themselves and avoid the service call.

Can you match internet pricing? One of the reasons we started this business over 10 years ago was to be able to provide a level of customer service that seemed to be going away. Along with the staff here and their combined 50+ years of experience in the appliance parts and service, there is a large stock of common parts ready for immediate purchase. The cost to provide a brick and mortar business, staffing & inventory is all factored in. We provide the best pricing and service we can to everyone and want to continue to be a part of the community, keeping jobs and your tax dollars in our local environment.

Do you handle small appliance parts? (Mixers, coffee makers, etc) We do have a limited selection of parts for KitchenAid appliances, however we do not carry parts for all small appliances and refer those inquiries to Culinary Parts Unlimited, 1-800-424-6783.

Do you carry parts for my Heating and Air Conditioning systems? Swamp Cooler Parts? Yes, we do carry a large supply of the most common parts and have access to a number of vendors for some of the more uncommon parts and brand specific parts.

Can I return a part if it does not fix my problem? What if the bag or box is unopened? We ask that you do as much diagnosis to determine the part(s) you purchase is indeed the one you will need. We do our research by model number to be certain you will receive the correct item for your machine. To ensure the integrity of our parts to each of our customers, we do not accept returns. Many items can be damaged, even if the packaging seems to be intact. This policy avoids the problems which can occur downstream so we often encourage further investigation prior to purchase just to be sure.

Please Call For Best Service!